The main governing body of Evren is the Central Legislative Order for Controlled Kinematics, or CLOCK. CLOCK is presided over by the Face of the Government, who is assisted by his aides, the Hands. Laws are written and ratified by an oligarchical Order. CLOCK has a military called Pendulum and an internal police force called the Watch; both are in charge of patrolling Evren and maintaining order. In addition to the main government, independent parties such as guilds or pirate ships also occasionally hold political sway.

The OrderEdit

Each of the twelve main constellations have a representative in the Order. These representatives discard the names they grew up with and take the name of their constellation as their own, for example Garnett Leroux changing his name to Aries when he becomes the Order representative of Aries. Order members serve for life and are replaced after death, though their successors are normally chosen and trained from birth before the death of the incumbent. The minimum age of a representative is 18 years, and, with the exception of Libra, an Order member must be born and have lived most of their life in the constellation they represent.

The Order is in charge of all affairs of Evren, including writing laws, setting trade quotas and tariffs, and allocating funds for infrastructure. The Face of CLOCK is the only entity who has the power to overrule any laws set by the Order. The Order itself does not directly control Pendulum or the Watch, but leaders from both groups often confer with Order members directly.


The military of Evren is called Pendulum. New recruits may join only if they are between the ages of 13 and 16. Any older, and the recruit is sent to join the Watch instead. Service is not mandatory for any citizen of Evren, but it is largely considered a great honor.

Upon joining the military, recruits discard their previous names and are assigned a single name that will designate their future role in the government. Recruits are given this name after a year or so into their training, when they begin more specialized training. Until then, they are simply called Recruit. Upon graduating training and becoming a full-fledged Pendulum soldier, the soldier is then assigned to an airship.

Pendulum is in charge of more serious issues, such as Volaceum theft, quashing rebellions and guarding government personnel and areas. Most minor issues are left to the Watch to handle.

The WatchEdit

The Watch is the police force of Evren, and their main responsibilities involve patrolling and keeping the peace, investigation, and occasionally hunting down smaller criminals. Each Watch squad is given a circuit to patrol, though higher ranking Watch crews often have no set jurisdiction. The Watch itself is headed by Watch Regulators who handle desk work. The crews are headed by a Watch Crown. The other officers are called Watch Hands, and new recruits who have not yet passed out of the trainee stage are fondly named Watch Ornaments, though it is not an official term.

A new recruit can join the Watch starting at age 16. Any younger, and they are asked to join Pendulum instead. There is a year or so of generic training, after which the new recruit is assigned as an Ornament to an existing squad and sent to patrol with them. After the Watch Crown of that squad has determined the trainee fit to become an officer on their own, the trainee is promoted to Watch Hand and continues to patrol with that crew. Like the military, new recruits discard their old names and are given a single word as a new name, but unlike the military this name is usually chosen to fit with a theme shared by the entire squad. Occasionally, the recruit gets a say on what they would like their name to be, as long as it is approved by the Watch Crown and a Regulator.

Watch airships are fairly generic and also incredibly small. Due to budget cuts, the majority of Watch squadrons do not even have their own airship, but rather are stationed on the ground in various Constellations.

The Watch is largely deemed to be horribly inefficient. Most officers keep the peace by bribery and forming truces with pirates. Most Watch squads, too ill-equipped to deal with dangerous criminals, will often let them slip by without giving trace. There is no Watch squadron for Scorpio; it is so filled with criminals that any Watch patrol that gets assigned to it tends to spend their entire circuit drinking or gambling instead. Due to the failures of the Watch, the Order generally refuses to give them any more funding, causing the supplies to dwindle even further, thereby causing the Watch to become even more ineffective.