Kestrel is a pirate of a small airship called Accipiter. She and her (almost) all-female crew steal from surrounding airships and cities in order to provide food and supplies for her relatively small hometown of Al Rescha. Kesrel hates all males (but little kids are fine, as long as they're one of her friends' younger brothers). Later on, she joins the Rebel force to "keep an eye on that shady guy with the tattoos," vehemently denying her almost obsessive interest in the man.

Kestrel Tanager
Kess Tanager
"Ughh I hate that Rebel guy. Why are all men such assholes?"

Other Names

Kesandra Tanager, Kess, Cap'n






5'3", 100 lbs




Pirate Airship Captain (Accipiter)


Independent, later Rebel




Kestrel has messy red hair tied back in a ponytail, golden-brown eyes, and wears a plain bandanna to keep her hair out of her face. The signature feature of her appearance is a bronze half-mask in the shape of a wing that goes over one eye. Her outfit varies, but she usually either wears next to nothing just to look girly, or else dresses in guy clothes and looks like a reverse trap. Favorite colors to wear are black, red, and brown.


Loud, rude, slightly egotistical. She doesn’t know much about the world, having only lived in her little area and not ventured much beyond it, so she thinks she knows everything there is to know and always insists she’s right. Hates men and certain types of adults, and only trusts people her age or younger.

Likes: Birds, flying, acting mysterious, pretending to be someone she’s not, shiny things, fancy things she doesn’t know how to use.

Dislikes: Men, boys, adults, rules, books and other tedious things, small, cramped places.


Kestrel was born as Kesandra Tanager in Al Rescha. She grew up with Marlin Pike (who would later become Order XII Pisces), and developed a crush on him at a young age that carried on throughout childhood. Finally, at age 17, she gathered the courage to confess her feelings to him. Marlin, aware that he would become the next Order member shortly, and would have to leave her, turned her down. Days later, during Marlin's ascension ceremony and subsequent parade, she stole an airship and became Kestrel Tanager of the Airship Accipiter, vowing never again to trust a man, and to fight against the government that Pisces now stood for. Her logic. Don't question it.

The exploits of the Accipiter became well-known around Al Rescha, and Kestrel and her crew became somewhat of a local legend. The people of Al Rescha treat Kestrel like a communal daughter, and her parents have become respected in the community despite their refusal to actually support Kestrel in her pirating endeavors. Outside of Al Rescha, nobody has a clue who the Accipiter is.

Fighting StyleEdit

Has a hang glider thing in the shape of bird wings that she occasionally uses just to make awesome-looking shadows/silhouettes when she’s attacking people from above because she thinks it’s fun. She can’t steer with it very well and really only uses it for gliding in straight lines. Has a pair of bladed shoes that go with the hang glider so that she can attack people by kicking them, as if she had talons.