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Where Raie and I dump all our information that we can't even keep track of ourselves.

A Story That Resonates AccordantlyEdit

Evren is an aerial archipelago of floating cities, where names are transient and battles are fought in the open skies. Volaceum is the crystalline fuel source that keeps these entities airborne, and the Central Legislative Order for Controlled Kinematics, or CLOCK, holds a tight rein on its distribution. Due to its limited supply, Volaceum may be dispensed only to those of great need and great wealth, and even then, the taxes are costly. Not wanting to be bound by laws and quotas, independent adventurers steal from the government’s Volaceum stores and fly on their own stolen or handcrafted airships. Calling themselves Pirates, these individuals circumnavigate the skies and make their lives their own. ASTRA is a series of interconnecting livelihoods that span the vast skyskape of Evren, in which those from every corner of every society have their own story to tell.